Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Write Path

Knight of Pentacles Knight of Pentacles
in the Past position.

A card in the left position indicates what has happened to affect your question in the past.

Hardworking young man with a traditional, orthodox outlook. Utility. An honest, responsible person. Solid progress. Methodical approach to large goals. Financial consultant. Commitment, perseverance, and stamina. A dependable man, if considered a little dull.

The keyword was tarot, that was what I typed into the Google machine and out popped several links - one of which was Llewellyn (renown occult name). The web site featured several tarot decks for sale and a free tarot reading using one of the decks (my choice). I had been searching for a book about tarot but I thought freee is free so why not.
The reading was horrible - I was stupid, delusional, lazy and evil. I deserved the bad things that were coming my way. I tried a different deck and got almost the same reading. In this one I was misguided not quite as stupid but evil and lazy. Four more readings with four more decks - and I came up with the conclusion that my mother was channeling into the website scolding me - So I gave up - I guess I was stupid for getting a reading online and lazy for not writing my novel and stories and all neat things I want to put on this blog. I guess I could be evil - someone might think or believe that (my wife for one) but I draw the line at delusional.
Perhaps, I am delusional thinking I could write a novel by Xmas - but as Frank Sinatra sang:
"I gotta be me, I gotta be free, I gotta be me."

I can only be who I am - Write now - that is what I believe in - Writing. I believe that my truth is coming out in my writing whether it be on this blog or on in my so-called novel. I have to believe that this is the path for me. To write as much and as often as I can.

Forget about Tarot. I want nothing to do with Tarot (at least until I get a reading that tells me what I want to hear - I am great, I smell great (I don't stink), I do lots of stuff (sometimes) and I am a loving soul.)
For me the Write path is about my own truth and my place in this universe. That is all I got.

I hope you find your right path too.


butterfly woman said...

I am not evil, unless you think evil is believing in you as a writer and getting on your case day after day. Supporting you through thick and thin. I feel that you need to bounce around on these different blogs, writing at whichever place fits your mood. I still feel a spirit story or novel emerging here!!!!!Your heart is here.
A dark reading from the internet to you. How could that be, on your spiritual site yet? Today you will be doing tarot readings at a gathering, will the "evil" come through? Whatever the case, keep writing, anything and everything.
The Nag Who Sits at the Other Computer

Soulsearcher said...

It sounds as if you are ready to name yourself as writer. Great! I don't know about the Tarot, but I don't see you as evil at all. I'm glad you've discovered that writing is who you are and what you do. I don't know, yet, if its my true path...I'm waiting to discover that yet. I'm really glad, though, that I'm giving it a try and I'm glad to be a part of this blog network. I think of you, Bev, Lin and Patty as friends and that is a good thing!