Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Dream of Light

We were talking at our little writers table when someone (I know who but I won't say who) made a remark about myth.
She said "Myths are a good way to describe the indescribable." I agreed and added "Especially, if this indescribable thing is or involves yourself."
So in that spirit, I will tell the tale of a dream I once had, a mythic dream.

I was in a landscape utterly alien and yet I felt very much at home there. In the middle of a seemingly endless forest, dominated by huge tall trees. Unlike the usual forests of earth, there were bushes growing too and smaller trees because the large trees did not block the light - they created the light - a soft, warm green light. There were even large patches of flowers, with red, blue but mostly yellow, some white blooms.

I was lost. I didn't remember walking into these woods and so I did not know how to get out.
I was not upset or panicky about being lost, I was more curious about where I was and what a wondrous place this seemed to be. As I stepped into a flower patch, the flowers moved so that I could have a place to put my foot. I thought that was amazing. I bent down to look at the flower but something else caught my eye - something hiding behind a bush.
For some unknown reason, I said "You can come out, I won't hurt you." Maybe I was thinking of a cat or dog or even a deer. What came out shyly and cautiously was . . . Well - I will say this I had never seen one before - he was bluish with touches of green, furry yet at least half of his body was smooth like a polished stone. He moved towards me but kept a safe distance. He seemed to be sniffing the air as if he could sense me by doing that. Then he walked up to me, reached out, and touched me on the knee (he was only knee high to me). His touch felt warm and pleasant. I was wonderstruck with silence.

He then said, "Its okay." I thought he was talking to me and I was going to answer him because I thought 'Wow, he can talk.' Instead, I realized he was talking to his companions - I realized this because they came out of hiding - from behind every tree, bush, clump of flowers, and even down from the very large trees (I guess they had been among the branches). The largest was maybe waist or thigh high to me, the smallest fit easily in the palm of my hand. They were extremely colorful - I felt as if a paint store had come alive around me. And their shapes, well I will say this - no two were alike. Some looked like strange animals, some were geometric forms (one came up to me and hugged my leg - he was a red cube on top of a green pyramid on top of a blue globe (with legs)). They all had child like personalities, they were extremely happy to see me and they showed their excitement by running around, up and down the trees. and by jumping - everywhere, especially over me. I was getting dizzy watching them. But I loved being with them.

"Who are you ?" I asked. All at once they stopped and it seemed they all were looking at me. A whisper went among them - "He does not know us, He does not know who we are."
One of the largest of them came up to me, sniffed me and said "Its okay, he just needs some knowledge." This creature looked like a cross between a small deer and a fox. Ha also seemed old - older than the rest. He produced a green pyramid and placed it on top of my head. I felt something light set on my head.
"I have given you knowledge of us and a lot of other things." he said to me. The others were happy again and another whisper went among them "Now he knows who we are."
And surprisingly, I did know who they were - they were spirits and keepers of the earth - protectors of all living things - it was they who moved the flowers so that I could walk there.
The old one spoke to me again "Now you must go." and the landscape blurred into a dazzling array of light, I felt myself traveling through this light and then . . .

I woke up. Since that day, people who had known me before thought I seemed different. Even myself.

Now this may or may not have happened in this exact way. The real event was indescribable so I have myth-ized it into something easier to swallow or take in. Thank you Patty for your idea.

Happy Restful Weekend,


Soulsearcher said...

Good mythical way of describing something that happened that changed you.

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