Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Key is - There is no Key


I love Kung Fu movies - at least ones that feature philosophy (or try to) - I can envision myself within one:
Kung Fu Master: "The answer you seek, grasshopper, is within yourself."
Impetuous Young Student (me): "That's nice, master but tell how to kick my enemies so that I can save the day and get the girl and return peace and harmony to the village. And make it snappy because the bad guys are coming."
Master: "Kicking the bad guys will not solve your problems. Your attitude will."
Student: "They are banging on the door."
Master: "Then keep the door locked for now until you learn about the key."
Student: "What are you talking about? Have you gone crazy ? The bad guys are here."
Master: "No, they are here." (He points to student's heart) "You have allowed them to manifest because you have refused to deal with them inside of yourself. The buffoons outside the door are nothing to me because they do not exist within me. That is the key you seek."
Student: "I beg of you - teach me Super Kung Fu move that will stop these guys and then I will seek the key within."
Master: "Very well - I only do this because this movie would be boring without action scenes. Here is Super Car Wash, Wax on, Wax off move."
Student goes out and wipes out bad guys becomes hero of village, marries girl and then some more bad guys show up at which point, he goes running back to Master. Master tries again to teach him but student only learns enough to get by (deal with situation at hand.)
Repeat over and over.
I must be getting old because I no longer want to run to the master everytime the bad guys show up. I want peace and harmony, so I will seek the key within - I realize that the key is there no key - there is only me and how I treat myself and how that reflects in the world. Do I abuse myself or do I love myself ? That is the question. Since that sounds like Shakesphere, I think I will end now.

Parting with sweet sorrow,
But loving this new day,


Soulsearcher said...

Every time I feel threatened by the perceived "bad guys" I vow to defeat them with my karate. Except that I don't know karate--it's only in my imagination that I am a black belt. Still, I put my karate face on and walk through life confidently, relying only on my inner strength. I don't know if that makes sense, but that is the truth--I really do that. Delusional perhaps, but it works for me.

Anonymous said...

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