Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Freaky Friday on Tuesday( or was it monday)

I could have titled this reiki part two but to have two part twos in one week is so Hollywood. Instead I will call this stuff - the strange things that happen to me after I do reiki. Not casual reiki (ten or less minutes) but hours of reiki as I did last night (sunday night).
The previous time I did a lot of intense reiki was a couple of weeks ago and I am stil recovering from that - in fact I will never be the same (but that is a good thing because I think that I have gotten rid of some unwanted baggage that I was carrying aroung. Since then I have been in the moment so much - no moment stands out - they are all pack with potential and are all joyous. I might sound like Eckart Tolle but that is how I have been feeling.
The above picture is called the Dream Catcher. It looks like a spirit woman who catches dreams but I thought it would be good to put here because I will talk about dreams. (a little).
I was dreaming Sunday night about a higher entity talking to me - he/she said that I was doing good and that they (don't know who they are) were going to open my sixth or seven gate - I knew that had to do with the energy flowing through my body but somehow the dreaming me knew more - "Do you think I can handle this ?" I asked which was a dumb question because why would they give me something I cannot handle. but the spirit person answered "we'll find out." and if that wasn't ominous enough she added "either way if you burst into flames from the energy or not, you'll be with us." I was really happy for some reason - dreams don't translate well into the everyday world. But at that moment. . .
My wife woke up and was having a cramp in her leg (left calf) and woke me up - I rubbed it and gave her some water because cramps can come from dehydration. As I was rubbing it, I felt some strange energy (like how your foot feels when its alseep, numbing tingles) move up my arm. The energy seemed to be there for a couple of minutes but only as long as I was rubbing her calf.
Now last night I was dreaming that some angels were pulling crap out of me (not actual crap but icky things) and my side was hurting alot - I thought what did I eat ? and then I woke up feeling better and then. . . .
my left calf began to cramp - which was strange because I was not dehydarted and I did not exercise it much either - So I said " get out of my body because you don't belong here" (in my mind not out loud) and the cramp stopped.
So I am blaming it on the Reiki and trying to find some anchor point this morning - a grounding spot. So I thought I would write it down. I know people can't relate but I had to get it out of me.
What does it mean ? I have not a clue. But yesterday out of the clear blue sky, a thought came to me - write what you want to write - and I said yes, I will write what I want to write - and the result is this mishmosh.
Oh well until tomorrow,

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Soulsearcher said...

I'm glad that you're writing what you want to write instead of what you think others might expect, understand or want to read. Good for you! Keep writing.