Friday, December 26, 2008

Real or Pretending

I was reading a book that talked about writing. Trust yourself, the book said. If you have doubt or feel like you can't overcome some obstacle - trust that you can find some way to deal with whatever jumps in your way.
I thought those words were appropriate not just for writing but life in general. Or my life in general - I think that I can become a writer but I too have my doubts.
"Am I pretending to be a writer ?" or am I truly a writer. I met a psychologist who was a very good motivator. He told me to:
Fake it till you make it. His name was Tim Schoor. What he meant was: pretend to be what you want to be - give it all the play energy you got AND one moment, some moment, you will realize your dream - You will become aware that you are what you pretended to be.
Kurt Vonnegut once wrote Be careful what you pretend to be - one day you will wake up and realize that is what you are.
So I am thinking that even if I have not written my best selling novel which will make people crave more - I will pretend to be a successful writer - I will pretend to write stories that markets will buy from me. I will visualize myself signing copies in the bookstore.
Who should I make this out to ?
To my best fan in the whole world,
Taomaster Frank

P.S. I am pretending to be a Tao master too.

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Soulsearcher said...

Who decides what is real? If I decide I am a writer, does that make me one? Only if I write, I guess. I like your outlook here--it's kind of the same one I am following.