Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What a Dream !

I knew was in dreamland yet the images I saw were so compelling I got lost in them. I will start from the beginning. Last night I listened to my kundalini guided meditation once again. I do this because it seems to be making positive changes in my life - I no longer bee-itch as much and I feel more connected to the earth. Last night I seemed to do the breathing part easier than before. I still felt good and I fell asleep instantly after finishing. And then I dreamed:
I was in hallway in a school, talking with some of friends of mine - they had just taken an exam and were lamenting on not having got certain answers right.
"I can't believe we got tested on the war," one boy was saying, "it was so short I didn't think there would be much on it. Man, was I wrong."
I tried to cheer him up.
"I haven't even taken the test yet." I said. " I've skipped it so far."
The scene shifted - I was in a open warehouse with a lot of other guys. We were all part of an army troop. Our sergeant was talking to us. He was telling us to be careful, that the people may seem nice but they are potential enemies. I looked at myself - I was carrying a large gun like a bazooka. I knew I was in Viet Nam (in dreams you just know stuff). I thought this was strange because I was never in the army and I never went to Viet Nam. My attention shifted back to the sergeant.
"It is kill or be killed." he said staring me in the face.
"No." I said, "I will not kill anybody." The scene shifted and I felt myself being just spirit - I knew I had passed the test. Light was flowing through me and it felt good. But I noticed that I had a hole in my spirit - a small rip - through which the light and energy was leaking out. I knew I needed to fix it. I asked for help and then I was in dreamland again.
I was in a nice building with lots of rooms and there was a ton of people. The people were doing things - craftsmen making intricate designs out of broken things. Other people were watching them. I told one guy that he was great and a little boy scolded me - Don't distract him, he is making that for me. I walked a little further and espied my mother-in-law (who is deceased). She was worried about her husband. "He is going to mess things up." she said. I caught sight of him on the other side of the room and I began to cry, so much so that I fell to the floor sobbing - at moment a dog came licked my face and I stopped and got up. I went up to my father-in-law and I saw that he was lost. He was looking for something from the past, I did not know what it was.
Then I saw a man working on an old bed, he was remaking it into a sparkling brand new bed.
He saw me and said: "This will be your new dream bed."
At this point I woke up. It was morning, time to rise and shine.
I wondered about the meaning of this dream - I am still trying to put it all together.

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Soulsearcher said...

I have no insights to offer regarding this but hope you are able to figure it out. Merry Christmas Eve~

Still anticipating.