Wednesday, December 31, 2008

JR - the Joyous Rebellion

joy - a feeling of great pleasure or happiness
rebellion - the action of resisting convention or control

A artist friend of mine was happy about being the artist of the month on a New Zealand website. She wrote on her blog that this was a really big thing to her - then she said that she didn't want to sound so full of herself but I say "Why Not ?"

Why temper yourself in a moment of joy ? Keep that feeling as long as you can. Don't be self-conscious at the cost of your happiness. This is a idea that just came to me -I can create a joyous rebellion inside of myself.
The rebellion is against the parts of me that say I have to be prim and proper - or just so appropriate at the expense of my joy. NO, I choose to let my Joy take over control of me ! I choose to be joyous for as long as I can no matter how goofy I look. I choose Joy over convention.

I am hoping that my joy can spread to others and that they too will choose to be joyous and that they can spread their joy to even more people and we can defeat the control and convention that tells us that we must be afraid or serious or somber. The world needs Joy more than anything else - so have a good time celebrating tonight and let your Joy flag fly.

Hoping you have a joyous holiday season and beyond,

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Soulsearcher said...

Let's plan a conspiracy to spread joy everywhere we go! Great reflection, here, Frank!