Friday, December 19, 2008

Stop me if you have heard this one

A few years back, there was a movement among Christians called:
What would Jesus do ?
It was supposed to inspire people to examine their routines and think about new and better ways to behave. I am not sure of what the movement accomplished but I still see WWJD bracelets at the dollar store - which is a sure sign that somebody thought this fad would sweep the country and was wrong.
So I thought maybe the concept needs to appeal to a broader audience (such as) WWJandBD - What would Jesus and Buddha do ? or perhaps what would Jesus, Our Lady of Guadeloupe and Buddha do ? (besides sell more letters on the bracelet).
I think that one thing they would do for sure (at least in my mind) is get out of politics.
Our Lady was big on praying, Buddha was big on meditating, and Jesus was big on both. I think that all three were HUGE on love and compassion and sharing. I think that Mary has somehow become the christian version of Kuan Yin - the loving female goddess. (I confess that despite being raised a good Catholic, I know next to nothing about Mary - she had Jesus, took him to the temple, lost him, and watched him die - that's it.) But Mary has been making more appearances around the globe than Jesus, Buddha, all other religious icons combined. It makes me think, perhaps I should dump the other guys and start a new movement:
What does Mary say ? The only problem being Mary is not too big among Protestants and they control the religious movements now (or so says FOX news). Would people get behind a new movement based on caring and compassion ?
I Hope so.
Good day to you and try to do what Mary would do,

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Soulsearcher said...

Well, as for me I always think of Mary as the "woman behind the man"--not as wife to Joseph, but as mother to Jesus. She must have been a great mother to raise someone like Jesus--punishing and scolding, praising and teaching--all to help him become the man he was. What would Mary do? Good idea!

I had a WWJD bracelet when they first came out. I wonder whatever happened to it?