Monday, December 15, 2008

Things I really really really need to do

I thought that I would make a list of things that I need to do
1) Eat breakfast - a good start but then I remembered to that I need to make some coffee before that and then I thought I need to get out of bed first and then I thought that I need to wake up first and then I thought I need to stop dreaming first
And that is wher I put my foot down - I never want to stop dreaming
because that is who I am and what I do best - Dream.
I dream about today and how it could be and I dream about tomorrow - I rarely dream about yesterday. But I like to dream so I thought I would dream up a list of things I will do today.
1) eat breakfast - a wonderful breakfast of cold cereal - this is wonderful because I like cold cereal, especially cereal named special K - I think I must be special to be eating a cereal named special. I made some wonderfully hot coffee after I got out of my comfortable bed after I awoke from a deep relaxing sleep. And I never did stop dreaming my wonderful dream of life.

I dream of my day to come - of writing a wonderful post full of meaning and joy. I think that sounds like a good idea.
I dream of returning to my novel - now that I have a wonderful new direction to take it into. I can't wait to get typing. I dream of hitting the 20 K (another special K ?) mark in words. A milestone of focus. I dream of warmer weather and good things to come - a wondrous visit to the library. I have to pick up a new book on Shakti mantras - I think this is a good time for that because I have just learned about Shakti (the female energy of the universe) - I am going to tap into that energy in order to write (create new scenes and action). I know I can do it.
All this dreaming comes from a dream I had last night - a dream of letting go in which strangely enough I let go of all the things I thought I HAD to be doing, a dream in which I found my heart (a crow was using it as an ashtray - "About time you showed up, " said the crow, "I could not think of what else to do with this. I kept hoping you would come get it so I could finally give up smoking."
Unfortunately, the crow never told me how he came in possession of my heart nor did he tell me why he had to smoke or use my heart as an ashtray - neither did he tell me what he was smoking (cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, ?) I guess I have to dream up that.
But the important thing was that I got my heart back (although it was a bit dirty and full of ash) and now I realize that my to do list, like anything else I am going to do from now on - must be done with my heart (and my soul).
The universal sign of heart is a butt and my heart was full of butts - Do you think that means something metaphorical ?

Peace and heart and soul to you today,

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