Thursday, December 11, 2008

At long last . . .Nothing

I started to write that I have nothing to write about but then it (the light) dawned on me. I could write about nothing and what that means to me.
The 'Nothing' I am writing about is 'Something to Do'. There is no thing I have to do (today) and then at the moment of realization, my wife come in and reminds me that there is something I have to do. So my illusion of being free to do nothing is shattered. Oh well. Laundry is something.

On Tuesday, I went to a friend's house to watch a movie (an old B &W Fellini movie with subtitles). The main character, a woman, meets a religious brother (a step below a priest) who tells her:
"I have nothing but I am happy." He goes on to tell her that he is happy because he has God in his heart.
For some reason, I wanted to be that brother. I could be happy with nothing or rather having nothing would not bother me if I was happy because as the old saying goes:
Happiness is Bliss.
So nothing to do is an illusion because I want to write this blog - it makes me happy. I don't really worry about how it will sound (read) - It (this blog) is a place where I can let my soul out.
And in doing so I think 'what about a picture ?' A picture would be nice here. So I get one that is not done but I am working on it. The picture wound up being in the front of the post but that is okay - I want to call this picture something but Nothing comes to mind. So I will go back to topic at hand - Nothing.
I had nothing yesterday for class - nothing written, no ideas about what to write, and no idea about what to say. But there was no problem in that. We talked and they read their essays for the last week (about winter was the suggestion) and then . . .
I got an idea - write about what you woulld do if you were supreme ruler of Christmas - if you could make any laws or be GOD for a day and make the world do something. People had no trouble writing about this - in fact they finished ahead of time. Lots of good ideas came from that. But the moral of my story here is - I had nothing and something came out of that (manifested). And it was what I needed.
So: I think it is easier to make something out of nothing (like most arguments),
than to try to hold on to things AND make something happen.
I have to finish now - I have to make something (laundry) happen because I have nothing (no clean clothes).
I wish You nothing today - I hope you can make something out of it,


butterfly woman said...

Sorry I interrupted your "nothing" day with "something" but glad you did "something" with your writing in spite of my reality check-ins. Writing for yourself #1 priority. For the readers, an extra benefit. Nice image of tree.(kind of Dali-ish). Glad your arty side is kicking in too. Thought stories in class about ruling Christmas were simple, authentic and remembered the true meaning of the Holiday. Did my heart good to be part of that yesterday.
Bev who would rather see you writing than doing laundry, anyway.

Soulsearcher said...

Nothing is okay...probably because there is really no such thing as nothing...