Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Healer needs Healing (or something)

Last night, we did something many people during the holidays, visit friends. But the reason we were out on a cold snowy night, was not to just chit-chat (which we did) or to eat snacks (which we did) - we were there to perform Reiki on someone. I actually did energy healing and not Reiki last night but everyone else was doing Reiki so for the purpose of clarity I will say I did reiki.

But the real issue for me was not the naming of what we did, rather the issue I am still dealing with is what the healing did to me. The target of our healing efforts was someone with a major dis-ease. (Yes, I delibrately misspelled that). And because of that I worked with more energy going through me than I ever have before (in this lifetime at least). I realized this in the process of the healing session - the energy flowing through me was hitting my stuff (emotional, mental blocks) as it tried to go through me. So in effect, as I was healing someone I was being healed.

Except I was not laying down relaxing, I was standing up consciously projecting energy at the person being healed. I had to release several unknown things so don't ask me what they were 'cause I don't know. All I know was I was swept away by the energy and yet I was not. I had to focus a ton of effort into doing what I was doing which is unusual for me in a healing session. I am not sure how long we went - maybe an hour and half maybe 2 hours - but by the end I felt strange - mellow and calm and physically good but something had been changed in me and my ego self was working to figure out what it was AND pretend that nothing had changed.
So that left some part of me wondering: what did we just do ? Did it do anything ? Do I have to eat this dip ? Eventually, the dip was consumed by the roving cat and the roving dog had some of the popcorn. All were happy and we went home.

And then I dreamed - I was somewhere with nothing around me. Someone showed me a brass jar whose lid had been sealed some way (solder? welding?). The lid had been broken open. The person showing me this (I did not see them in this dream) said a demon had been sealed inside this jar but was leaking out. They asked if we should seal it back again. I said no, we should remove it altogether. I then raised my hands, palms out and sent a whitish light to the brass jar which lifted off the other person's hand (this was as much of this person as I saw), up into the air where it entered a beam of whitish light coming down and disappeared. Then I woke up.

The dream had been crystal clear and I still remember it. But what does it mean ? If there was a 'demon' did it come from me or the person being healed or the cat ? If it came from me am I going to be a nicer person from now on ? I guess I'll wait and see. In the meantime I feel tired and achey now as if I went through the wringer (a reference to washing mashines of yore).

Reiki, peace and Love to you -


Soulsearcher said...

I wish I could experience some kind of healing right now.

butterfly woman said...

Thanks for sharing your deeper experience of what last night meant to you. Sometimes I wonder if my energy work is helping the recipient, but your words here help me recognize that it is what it is, healing others heals me, energy work has lasting effects hours, days after the session and dreams can reflect this. It's strange how energy work can either wire one up or put one into a deep sleep. Unpredictable, never boring!
Yes, the cat dipping her paw into the dip, one of the highlights of the night.......