Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Hermit, thats me

I like to be alone - I like the feel of no chaotic energy around, I don't hang out in malls. When I give gifts nowadays I give things that can be eaten, drank, or taken in to one's soul. That might make me cheap but it is my token - I want to only to give something especially picked out or made for a certain person.
I don't like my picture taken anymore but if someone wants one to remember me by that is okay. I don't have an pictures of myself around. I am content with how I am right now. I liked this picture because the hermit seems to be looking for something - what I am looking for is both within me and embedded in the world around me. Even in Christmas shoppers. I think the world would be a better place if we all could find more of it within ourselves.
I don't watch too much TV these days - too many commercials telling me that I need to buy stuff in order to make people happy - I like people but I treasure my time alone especially in this holiday season. People give me ideas and energy and love for things. I appreciate them, yet I still treasure my alone time, my anonymous life, Diane calls this - I call it where I want to be.
I googled Buddhist monks (how to be one) just to see if it was something I could do (never pass up a career opportunity I say) - turns out they want you to study the teachings of Buddha (a lot) - sounds like okay but I want to be free to study what comes to me even if it is the crowd of shoppers at the mall. I might find some piece of God's work there - waiting for me to find it. So I am moving through this holiday season as the hermit (or the chameleon in which case you will never notice me because I blend in). Either way I am the Seeker, looking for something invisible and untouchable that runs through the heart of everything.
I hope you find IT in this holiday season,

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Soulsearcher said...

Isn't it nice that the weather cooperates in our attempt to be hermits? There is no temptation to drive out to the mall for one last gift while the snow is piling up. I, for one, enjoy receiving a bottle of wine, a candle--consumable things that don't clutter up my space or my mind.

Remember, you can be a Buddhist without becoming a monk. Or, perhaps, you can consider yourself a monk without going through training. Buddhism is like that, I think.

I enjoy this blog very much. Thanks for saying "wise" over "old."