Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Better than You-> IS THAT SO -> Let's fight 'cause I'm right

"Them's fightin' words." A phrase I heard in some movie or book (okay I didn't hear it in a book).

One of the toughest lessons for me to learn on my current path is the lesson of 'Spiritual Significance'.
At the base of this lesson, is someone (lets say me) who claims to have seen or done something 'Spiritual Significant'. I tell the world or just you, I have seen angels or talked to God or walked on water or that I can see your aura or heal your heart.

What I don't say, but what I imply, is that this 'something' I saw or can do , makes me better than you. (In the eyes of God, the ultimate parent and thus HE likes me better than you). You can have several reactions to my implication but I will zero in on two.

1) You call me a liar (because there is no way, God would like me better than you because you are way better than me)

2) You believe me (and you believe that I am better than you and you begin to worship me).

Both reactions would be the wrong thing to do (if taken by themselves but in the context of a soul's path, they might be the right thing to do at the time) but the greater issue (in the context of this essay) is my having implied that I was more 'Spiritually Significant' than you.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Each and every soul's path is unique - what might be significant to me - might be trivial to you. We are bosses of our own perception. Deep down, our base soul knows what is good for us and what is challenging for us. Indulging too much on anything (even dark chocolate) is not so good for us. A little bit of 'Spiritual Significance' is good for us - it helps me in my dark times (I think remember when I . . . and I think why would that have happened if God didn't think I was special). It is when I think I am more special than you that the trouble starts.

I thought I had learned this lesson (or at least had it under control) but lately I found there is a variation of this lesson that I still had to learn :
I encountered an individual who had a good heart and good intentions but this person could not stop telling me what a wonderful person they were and they could not stop telling me why.
'Can't they see what they are doing ? Pretending to be better than me ?' This person's behavior irritated me. All day long, I kept thinking of this person and getting mad.
So I stopped myself and began to think about why I felt the way I did. I came to the conclusion that I was doing reaction #1 (look up to the start of this article) and in doing so I was exposing my own 'Spiritual Significance' (I was better than this person,: How dare they say they are better than me - I know more about what they are talking about than they ever will - How dare they present themselves as an authority on this.)
Sad to say, I still feel this way. I want to be able to look at this person with love and to understand that it is their path to be this way now. But I don't. I want to jump into my astral plane, fly it over to them and punch them in noggin (to knock some sense into them of course).

So for now I am stuck feeling more better than them. But I'se be working on that, I'm a gonna git it right, git me's educated 'n be better.
than you

Hope you are feeling Spiritually Significant,

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Soulsearcher said...

There's no better or worse only what is. Being. That's all any of us need to do--just be authentic. Simple--but not easy.