Sunday, December 21, 2008

False Positive or am I happy Yet God ?

I was walking through the library two days ago, when I spotted a copy of "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting' by Lynn Grabhorn on CD. This was the first book I ever found about the Law of Attraction. I found it very insightful and one concept stood out.
Being Negatively Positive
or Being Negative when you think you are being positive. If it sounds complicated, that is what I thought when I first read it.( 'Huh, how can you be negative when you are being positive ?")
To explain, I will use my own self as an example.
First I will say a negative thought - I hate bitching.
Next I will make it a false positive thought - I don't hate bitching.
Notice that the phrase 'hate bitching' is in both thoughts thus there is a good deal of negativity in both statements. (I could argue that one is not as bad as the other but who cares because the focus of both statements is hating bitching - whether I like it or not I am focusing energy on hating bitching in both statements.) So I will try to shift the focus from hating bitching by saying:
I don't like it when people don't focus on positive things. (Yes, this is better but still has negative content - don't and don't - so let's try something better:
I like when people are positive. (Much better!)
Ms. Grabhorn contends that like attracts like AND what you focus your energy on COMES TO YOU. She also contends that actions speak louder than words - i.e. if you want positive people to come into your life - you need to be positive (especially to other people). She contends that
visualizing what you want is not as strong as feeling that the visualizing is coming true.
For example: I want to be a millionaire - so I visualize someone giving me a million dollars or I visualize looking at a bank statement and seeing seven figures to the left of the decimal point.
But even better than that (according to Lynn) is feeling what it might feel like getting or having that million dollars. I think that feeling (for me) is secure or safe, I would have enough money to do lots of things. The problem is - I think that it would be unbelievabvle if Ed McMahon came knocking on my door. I visualize the people on Home Edition (makeover) and I see myself there getting a new home (that was built in a week) saying - No F***ing Way, Oh man, No way.

Yes, the reason I do not have a million dollars or a new home is - my false positive attitude : I can't see it happening even though I would like it to happen. But I think that I can make it happen (and I think that is a step in the right direction.) Karma is pushing me to be more positive right now. So I think and I feel that being positive is just something you do - not a plan you can make. (and I plan on being positive and asking God to dump a lot of positive things on me). I welcome your positive comments.


check this link - Lynn Grabhorn

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Soulsearcher said...

Nice essay--very good attempt at being positive. The Law of Attraction is what the book "The Secret" is based on. Good in theory, but can be difficult in practice. Keep trying, Frank! You're making progress.