Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Challenge of the New Year

In the spiral of time, this moment is but a speck and in the shadow of eternity, this life is even smaller. I myself, do not notice any difference between yesterday and today and yet a year is done and a new begins.
I can say I hope you had a happy New Years but I also hope everyday of your life is happy not just new years (eve or day).
I am having a hard time gettting started today - that is why I am doing this at ten in the evening. I've tried to think about something to say but I had nothing all day. Last night I did not do my meditation - New Years Eve was my excuse. Perhaps, that is making me lazy. But I do not think so. I am not lazy I am just . . .
And I will do it later (any later that this will be tomorrow).
But I did do some voodoo magic last night. It seems that I have a clear pyramid with a door that I found on a shelf yesterday as I was cleaning. Inside the pyramid, was a note I wrote two years ago. On the note, I had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in the next year. Three of these things are as follows: get a poem published, get a story published and get a book published. All had not been accomplished - So I put them into my magic Calderon and lit them on fire. The idea being that I would send the intention of my wishes to the universe by burning off the physical note that held them. They burned slowly and I thought they would go out so I started to do something else - when I looked back the black cast iron pot had flames shooting out of it - that has never happened before. The flames stayed burning until the entire note was consumed - not even ash was left behind. Luckily the pot was on a heat resistant tile. So I don't know if my wishes will come true this year - I am still working on submitting this story and poem and I need to write the book - but I do know this - I will start the process rolling tomorrow - that is what procrastination cats always say.
For today, I will content myself with being in the moment and enjoying it.
Gotta go - it is meditation time (meditation time not medication time),


Soulsearcher said...

Maybe this year is the year that you will be published. Believe in yourself--you are a great writer! But, be easy on yourself as well. What were the other things that you accomplished during that time? The writing class for one--inspiring other people to write is a great accomplishment! I'm glad that the note burned all the way. That is a good omen, I believe.

butterfly woman said...

I was so aghast by the flames shooting up and the eternal flame that I chose not to stoke the fire with my own list that I had. I did not want to apply Aloe Vera cream to my hand like you did either. Yet, it was a magical night! I felt spirits in the room watching us. Resolutions are in name only, resolve to open your heart, be in the moment and continue to share your gifts. Keep writing from your soul!