Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I want It All - No More Limits

Yesterday, I received a strange comment on my Great Mystery essay. Lots and lots of Scripture text and one line from the sender. I appreciate the effort the sender took in sending this to me but I have to say that I do not look to scripture for answers , I look with my heart for answers. The reason I don't really invest much time in the Bible has nothing to do with the Bible itself. It has to do with my perception of people who read the Bible. I think that the Bible has a lot of nuggets of gold in it (99% of which deal with Jesus, what he said and what he did).
My perception which comes from my experiences of people who read the Bible is this - there are three kinds of them
1) Leaders - you see these people on TV (you know who they are) and in the pulpit. They feel the need to lead. They are constantly telling you what is important about the Bible and why you should DO WHAT THEY SAY. Some like the guy who wrote "Purpose Driven Life" are wonderful and refreshing and everyone can learn from their EXAMPLE.
2) Sheep - these people may or may not really believe the words of the Bible but they do follow the Leaders and try to please them. A lot of young people fall into this catagory.
3) True Seekers - this is the majority of the people who read the Bible, believe it or not, the ones who want to find some answers or maybe some solace. Some (like me) run into Leaders and are scared away by their Big Brother behaviors.
I seek Truth, not someone telling what is the truth. That is why I do not do well in Bible study groups. Now on to the real point of this post - Life Goals.

I want it all. I decided that last night while I was meditating. I want to be spiritual and I want to be funny and I want to have abundance in all phases of my life. Abundance being enough plus some wiggle room. Like having a house with an extra room for whatever may come along, - an unexpected guest, a windfall at a garage sale, a new found desire to paint. . .etc.
Up till now I thought I would have to choose something to be and give up on the rest or regulate the rest to hobby status. I want to be a writer but I want to be a writer that probes (bad word) the depths of spirituality as I see it. The problem with spirituality as I have experienced it is: too-darn-dang-diddly serious. Read this, do that, bow your head, blah, blah blah (see Leaders above) For every spiritual belief there is, Leaders are in abundance and ready to tell you what to do, when to do it. . . especially in the 'new age' movement.
But I want to change that - I want to preach the gospel of joy and fun. To celebrate life in all its lessons and to believe in the God/Goddess that laughs and is fun to be around. I don't mean that I want to get lost in material pursuits - I do mean that the physical world is our classroom - why not take Joyous Fun 101 ? Why do we have to take Dead Serious Religion 101 ?
So getting back to me, I have decided to mix both sides of me together - to have a blog that is fun but might also be heavy. When making this post, I googled 'abundance pictures'. There are a lot of cool looking ones there - check it out. I think that there is a place in this world for me and my fun seriousness (at least I hope it is fun)(but it is for me). I am going to put myself out there - I feel that now is the time and I am the only person who can be me. I want it all.

Till next time,
P.S. if your comment is longer than my post - it is TOO long.


Soulsearcher said...

I want it all too! Sign me up for Joyous Fun 101! Does this have any connection to the creative writing class. Maybe you could create an entire curriculum, or maybe even an entire school! I can only imagine the possibilities.

Urban Panther said...

Hi Frank

I love this post. I'll start with the fact that this -- too-darn-dang-diddly serious -- made me laugh. I love to laugh.

My belief is that there are two types of 'religious' people: those who talk about spirituality and those who LIVE spirituality.

I'm definitely heading back to read more of your articles. The vibes I am getting from you is that you live spirituality.