Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Hell of an Idea with a Plaid Bandana

I think I may have found the key - but the real question is to what ? Today I wrote a humorous piece on another website of which I am a member. I was really charged up after I wrote it. I thought if I could be this funny being mindless just think of how funny I could be if I was being mindful. Of course, the next thought I had lead to another thought which lead to another thought and another thought (thoughts do that - they come at you in clusters or gangs at least my thoughts do - they even have colors (Plaid) and a name "Hells' Ideas").

Maybe - I thought - I could write something silly and yet something deep - and then I thought - I wonder if anyone has done this before. So I Goofled "silly deep thoughts " {Editor's note - don't Google 'Goofle' unless you want to see listings for XXX sites] It turns out there was a woman from North Carolina who wrote silly deep thoughts such as 'Did Forks evolve from Spoons" (which is silly because everyone knows Forks were created on the same day as Spoons and both were formed from ribs of the Original Knife)
BUT the point here is that she stopped writing in the middle of 2008 and has not been heard from since SO I can take over the mantle of providing mirth to the masses who are burdened with chronic Heavy Thought Syndrome (HTS). I, myself am a survivor of HTS. For years, I suffered in silence and then I discovered the internet, blogging and peanut butter/onion sandwiches. (Think about that if you dare).
One of my thoughts has challenged me to explain this last picture (because gangs do that - challenge you to prove your worthiness).
This last picture represents my meaningful mirth being a beacon of hope for people who think that the sun is setting on them (or it could be an iPod at a sunrise but that is not as meaningful or hopeful). Remember HTS is the World's largest disease that no one talks about - let's cure it in our lifetime.
I have to go - time to make another peanut butter and onion sandwich - I wonder where my friends have all gone.
MMm untmm ilmm tommorrrmmmow,


Urban Panther said...

which is silly because everyone knows Forks were created on the same day as Spoons and both were formed from ribs of the Original Knife ... And behold, the spoon and fork evolved throughout the ages to create the ever elusive Unicorn of utensils, the Runciple Spoon.

Thanks for the chuckle, Frank.

Soulsearcher said...

I hope that you will take over the mantle of providing mirth. Your writings are always a joy to read, whether serious or silly. A combination of the two would be great! Looking forward to reading more by you.