Friday, January 9, 2009

Questions I might ask you ?

As part of my Fake-Till-You-Make-It Friday
I thought I would practice my interviewing skills. Part of being a good interviewer is being present in the moment and sensing what the person being interviewed wants to say and letting them say it. (Unless of course, what they are saying is BS then you need to ask the right questions that get around the BS and into the heart of the matter.)
Question number 1) What is your favorite season ?
(You might think that this question is trivial and it can be but it is a good ice breaker because there is only six distinct answers to this question and it is an open-end invitation to tell me why.) the six answers are fall,winter,spring,summer,all of them,get out of my face - if you answered number 6, you are done - go to comment section.
Question number 2) What dead person had the most influence on your life ?
(This question may seem heavy but most people give flippant answers to this one - i.e. I don't know, no one, Jesus, Buddha, Ronald Reagan, my spouse who is not dead but will be when I get home.)
Question number 3) What was your most shocking moment in life ?
(This question if answered immediately reflects only what you can think of at this point in time - the real answer to this question should be allowed to come forth after a period of reflection. But which ever way you answer this - it is a thought provoking question and as such sets the table for the next question.) When will these questions end ? answer - not yet.
Question number 4) If you had a chance to see the future, would you ?
How much of it would you see ? (any,none, all)
Okay this two questions in one but only if you say yes. The cardinal sin of an intervieewer is too ask a question that can be answered yes or no. I figure by now you might be getting impatient but there can be some gold answers here - like would you look at how you die.
Question Number 5) If you could have a super-power such as super speed, X-ray vision, super-strength, what would it be ? How would this change your life ?
When I was interviewing kids, I would always ask them this question and surprisingly the kids who were going through bad times at home would always say "that's a stupid question." The kids who were happy would never stop at one super-power. [and then I would have hair that grows and grows and then I would be invisible and then. . .)
I think I will end this right now by stating my answers - spring, my father, discovering that my arrival in this world was an unwanted accident, yes and just the day I die, the power to heal - I'd feel like I could help people more

That's all for today,


Urban Panther said...

My favourite season is Autumn. It's crisp, and sunny. Both my grandmothers influenced me. Very different from each other, but very powerful women. The most shocking moment was when I sat straight up in bed at 2 a.m. over 2 years ago, my heart stopped, and I new beyond a shadow of a doubt that my partner at the time was with another woman. No, I do not want to see the future. I want to enjoy each and every second as it comes to me. As for a super power, I would like to enhance my intuition. It's already really good, but even better would be better *smile*

What an incredible, and very sad thing, that children in unhappy situations state that super powers are stupid. Says a lot about their hopelessness. That sentence really caught me up short and left me thinking.

Soulsearcher said...

My favorite season is fall. I like the mild temperatures and the colors and the sense of starting up again--like when you were a kid--the first days of school, etc. Most influential dead person: my mother, but not in a positive way. Shocking moment: hmm...nothing is jumping out at me. I guess I don't get shocked very easily. Seeing the future--no, I have a hard enough time with the present. Super power--at first I thought of the ability to fly, but healing is a better answer. You're right Frank about being able to help more people. Can't I have both? Please?

butterfly woman said...

My favorite season is Autumn, closely followed by Spring. Autumn fills all my senses, burning leaves, dazzling leaf colors, crunching leaves when I walk in them, memories of jumping in leaf piles and burying myself in them, the air is warm/cool, nature's palette change is awesome. I do love crocus popping through snow in Spring, new beginnings there.
A dead person, hm, I suppose my father, he had a mental illness bipolar yet persevered through it all coping. I think I developed compassion for others as a result of it, and also a fearlessness of sorts. He in manic phase used to say whatever he wanted to, I liked that in some ways. Also his way of looking and speaking was creative, his visions were strange yet it helped me look at world in a whole different way.
My most shocking moment: Probably when we found out dad was bipolar, that first time I remember being herded over to the next door neighbors, the paddy wagon came to take him way, my life was never the same after that. My role model had become a stranger.
To see the future, would I? I really am getting better at living in the moment, yet if I could see myself being a famous artist or traveling, maybe that would motivate me more to strive for in the now.
A super power or something-probably
it would the ability to paint a painting and have everyone heal in some way when they looked at it. I do want to help others with my gifts.
Great questions, made me think!