Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing Makes Sense Anymore (did it ever ?)

I will start off by saying the pictures in this post have nothing to do with what I am going to be talking about. I do like coffee and coffee derivatives such as espresso and I have run up quite a tab at the local coffee establishment so I thought I would rent out the top of today's post to appease them but it turns out they don't want their name associated with me so I sort of compromised/blackmailed them and now we are both happy.

The REAL point of this post is or has to do with my new attitude toward life and what it means in terms of my day to day life. I have discovered that attitude is a choice and not just something you have in reaction to some event. And since attitude is a choice I decided to be happy - all the time. Okay, I still honk my horn but I do it happily. And I thank people for giving me the opportunity to test out my new found ability of choosing my attitude by being rude, uninterested and just plain crazy. (You should see their reactions when I say that to them - in my happy voice of course).

I love my new attitude - I love being happy. And lately people have been surprising me - the more I am happy the less I see of unhappy people (some people are unhappy, I come in their line - they get happy - I leave and then . . .well I don't know because I don't stay and watch them, but I am sure that even for a brief moment in their life they are happy. (or happier)

But what does that have to do with Spirituality ? Well, last night I watched Oprah (which comes on after Nightline here in Chicago). She explored the topic of Spirituality (You would think that this is too big of a topic for a one hour show but Oprah pulled it off). The show had an insight which I had not thought before - that Spirituality is an innate instinct which pulls us in directiions unique to us. For example, my spirituality instinct has pulled me in the direction of happy attitude, before that it was kundalini meditation, before that it was healing mantras, before that it was using creative writing to find my voice. I could go on and on. One thing I can count on with my spiritual instinct is that it always leads me to something that helps me grow and very often it leads me to healing expeeriences. I have learned over time to trust my spirituality instinct - it is never boring either.

But that is not the problem - the problem is: my old ways of judging life don't make sense anymore. I don't watch the news anymore because it is full of depressing things I don't care about like who shot who or who cheated who or TIMES ARE BAD stories which also don't seem to serve any piurpose other than to scare you and subtly shape your opinion (after you see 'times are bad' a few hundred times, you begin to believe it - you think sheesh if times weren't bad they would not have told me times were bad so much). Personally, I think things are better and that finally we the people of the good ole USA are facing facts and starting to do positive things, like creating new industries. It does not make sense to me to focus on what is wrong - that is just sending energy to negativity - unless you also present an idea or a forum for ideas to fix it. The news does not do that. I think we need a new kind of news, one where who stabbed who is not featured. Does this amke any sense ?

I guess I could go on but times are bad and I am happy with my attitude and my spirituality and
makes sense to me.

Enjoy life,
Happy Frank

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Soulsearcher said...

I am happy that you are so happy! Sounds like you have learned to relax and enjoy life. I agree with you about the news. It only makes me worry more. Like right now I am worrying about the cold temperatures and whether or not my car will start tomorrow when I need to go to the airport. Ignorance is bliss, but I can live with that. Why worry all the time? Just live, happily, staying in the moment.