Thursday, January 29, 2009

Asking More and Better Questions

An online friend told me that there is a difference between making statements and asking questions.
"Well, duh", I said, "When you ask a question, you want an answer. when you just say something, you only want to be affirmed." I sat back and waited for her to say that's right.

But she did not. instead she added to my statement.
"No I mean - in the brain. I read somewhere that scientists have discovered that when we ask questions, we use a different part of the brain than when we just talk."

If my face could talk, it would have said 'huh?' at that moment.
She continued talking,

"Questions activate the creative side of the brain. Statements activate the side of the brain that does the mundane day-to-day stuff."

"So what does that mean ?" I asked unknowingly activating my creative section of my brain.

"It means that when we ask a question, we activate the part of our brain that seeks an answer. This part of the brain is in touch with the idea center part of the brain and the idea center puts out a signal into the universe that an answer is needed. AND. . ." she paused to take a breath, perhaps to let the weight of what she was saying sink in - I don't know - I did not ask.
But she continued on in spite of me not asking her to.

"that means if you want to attract something into your life you have to ask the right questions. Kind of like the Law of Attraction in question form." She paused and looked at me - silently asking the question 'do you know what I mean ?'

"So you are saying," I decided that I had better speak now or forever hold my ignorance, "that if I ask a question about something I make that something come to me ?"
"No, I am saying that if you ask a question you will make the answer appear in you life."
I was lost, so I asked another question.
"Can you give me an example?"

"Sure, no problem." She winked and smiled as if I had finally asked the right question.
"When I first heard this theory , I decided to test it to see if it worked. I asked myself, 'where can I find the man of my dreams ?' and the answer that came to me was 'out there in the world.'
At that point, I realized two things - one I got an answer and two I need to ask a better question. So I asked myself 'what would the man of my dreams look like, feel like, talk like. . .etc and I began to get a lot more answers. And as I got those answers, I began to realize what I thought the man of my dreams would be like - and that is it - I realized that I was visualizing my dream man and that means I was making this person come into my life." She looked at me to see if I was following this. Surprisingly, I was.

She continued. " Next, I realized I need to ask questions about time.and space."
"Timeand space ?" I asked hoping she would elaborate on that.
"Yeah, like where and when would I find this guy and how could I get him to notice me and what would it feel like if we hit it off ? Lots of questions with answers that help move me towards what I want. Law of Attraction in question form."

"So what you are saying is that if I ask a question, I am asking the universe to give me the answer ?"
"Hey, that is a good question ! I think you are getting this."
"But if you wanted this dream man, and the universe places him in front of you, doesn't he have to be asking to find a dream girl too ?"
"No, but I did want a guy who could understand me and I did want a guy who liked to ask questions because that would mean that he was an explorer-seeker kind of guy. And I did want someone that would be attracted to me and I did want. . ." she stopped and looked me square in the eye with a look of love and a look of hope,
"someone who pay for my lunch today."


Soulsearcher said...

Well, it sounds as if I'll have to ask more questions. Let me start with this one: Is this a true story?

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