Monday, January 19, 2009

Call Me Stupid (and the chances are good I'll respond)

This is not that stupid of a picture - it is not the picture of stupidity but for some stupid reason I decided to post it here. I have never been to so go there at your own risk. It might just be a stupid website.

You might be noticing a trend here - if you don't you just might be stupid - or slow but I will call you stupid just to keep the theme going.

Anyway, back to this picture. I think that this man is stupid to despair because despair gets nothing done and wastes a lot of energy. Seeing someone despair reminds me a child having a tantrum - I am not sure what good it does.

Perhaps, the man is histrionic and thinks that this is a good way to get his feelings out, or perhaps he thinks that others will take pity on him and help him out if he acts this way. Maybe he has done this before and others have rushed over to help him. If they did, I would have to call them stupid because most likely he is scamming them. I speak from experience. I have been both this stupid guy and the guy trying to help him - not at the same time mind you - that would be stupid and crazy.
There are two laws of helping others that avoid stupid actions :
  1. If you need help - ask for help (making a scene is just stupid)
  2. If someone needs help and asks for help, help them (otherwise use your common sense in trying to figure out who to help)
Now I might be stupid but I think that I might need help - the only thing is: I do not know what I need help with (isn't that stupid) and what kind of help I should accept so until I get smarter I will have to keep quiet, unless of course you are willing to give me a house in Boca Raton (I would not be stupid enough to turn that down.)


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