Saturday, January 3, 2009

Non-Linear Madness (or Green Book I think)

Several Years ago, in the far off Land of Markham, USA - I found a magic book in which the question of 'what is happening to me ?' was answered. This book, which has hence forth become known as the Green Book, explained that humanity was going through a period of unprecedented change and that everything will be okay. At the time, I felt that this book was talking to me, as if it had been written with me in mind. Everything in the book seemed to be happening to me. All the changes I was experiencing, the book was explaining. To say the least, the book was a great comfort to me in that time of colossal upheaval in my life.
But nothing the book said could have prepared me for :
The Non-Linear Mind
[Non-Linear Mind is the state of mind in which you do not think in a continuous straight line of reasoning - in 'normal' mind there is A then B then C. . . . all topics or ideas which connect together in a logical progression. In non-linear mind, there is A, B, C with no links between A and B and C, they are just points of focus.]
This state of being in which I am in now fully (there is no going back) is very much like (but not quite) Alzheimer's. It involves focus. If I lose my focus on something (say my glasses) I literally do not remember what happened. I have spent countless amounts of time trying to find where I have left my glasses - you think I would have learned a system but no - everyday I set those glasses down and everyday I have to search the whole house to find them. (It does not help that they are nearly invisible in some settings). My latest trick to solving this problem is wearing a chain around the back of the glasses so that when I take them off they are hanging around my neck - this works but I feel like an old lady librarian. (see photo) I do not mean to insult old ladies or librarians by insinuating that they are less than me, it is just I don't feel comfortable wearing this chain. But it has saved me some time just in these last few days.
But getting back to my point about non-linear mind, you might be thinking how in the world can this state of being be good for you ? The answer is (drum roll) Non-linear mind allows you (or me) to detach from the world much more easily and that allows you to do meditation better, think clearer, and most importantly FEEL.
When you are using non-linear mind, you realize that the brain (mind) is something you created and that this creation works for you and is not you. Non-linear mind a very useful tool.
But it takes getting used to and I as I have said before the first few experiences with non-linear mind can be scary because it truly feels as if you are losing your grip on reality, as if you are coming down with Alzheimer's. So if you forget where you have left the car keys, don't sweat it, you are just moving up to a new level of vibrations, a new level of Um. . . .What was I talking about ?
Bye from Frank (I think)


Soulsearcher said...

The only way I can keep track of my glasses, keys, etc., is to consciously put them in the same place each time... My mind is completely non linear--alas and hooray at the same time.

butterfly woman said...

I think the green book calmed me down when I was having "forgetting" symptoms.It's reassuring to feel that this is all related to our soul's progress. I kept getting the flu and the green book said it's cleansing, you're lightening up. I'm glad you've got the chain on those glasses now, hunting your glasses down was a chore, yet I keep saying to myself "He's getting more enlightened, enlightened" That's a good thing.
Glad you're sharing these things here, it's part of the authentic you!Photos you've added are good props!