Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Think I Found It - my voice that is

Thank you to Toastmasters for this image. The image is called Finding Your Voice.
A whole lot of things happened to me yesterday on this subject so I thought I would write about it today while it is still fresh in my mind and because it is a continuation of what I wrote yesterday. I wanted to be both serious and non-stiff and something more - but I could not put my finger on what that something was.
Getting off this track for a moment, I will say that this is my pet name for God/Goddess: 'and Something More' because it reminds me that no matter how grand I visualize the Supreme Being, HE/SHE is something more, something beyond my comprehension - this helps me keep things in perspective.
Yesterday because of the constant urgings of my loving companion, I went to a open mike session which featured an author who is a professional writer. He read from his book and afterward, he talked about his current book - a tome about golfing with spiritual people - the author was happy because he said someone was paying him to golf, his idea of heaven.
On the drive home, I was bantering this subject around with my loving companion when I said out loud: "I wish I could travel the world, talk to spirit-driven people, and get paid to write about it." A shiver of knowing went down my spine and somewhere inside of me, I knew I had spoken some truth of my soul. I also know that I love to travel and meet people and write and this idea could merge all three worlds - and for some strange reason I could visualize myself doing that. For the next three minutes (until I got home), I was grooving to this idea - my spirit was soaring to the heavens And then I fell back into my household routines and then I read the comments on this blog and again my spirit soared. Thank you for your kind words - they really do make me feel Joy.
So I am going back to work on my new idea for a book about people who have influenced me and how none of them had the full impact I thought they would. But each of them helped me change my world a little - and over time that little rolled downhill and picked up momentum and now I feel as if I have entered a tipping-point zone in which all these littles have merged into a one big change. Surprisingly, I am embracing this big change without internal resistance - it must be the right time. I must be in the right place.
I hope you are getting to your right place too.


Urban Panther said...

re: and how none of them had the full impact I thought they would. I can never answer the question "Who has influenced you the most?" Nobody has influenced me the most. Every person in my life, even the negative ones, have influenced me to *some* degree. And I think that is the way it should be.

Soulsearcher said...

I agree with Urban Panther on this one. Each person entires our life for a reason. It would be too much for one person, I think, to be the sole answer...too much of a burden to bear. You are one person that has influenced me, Frank, so can I put you on my list? I like your idea and hope that you will follow through with it. I am interested in this area as well (hence, my Master of Divinity degree.) I think a lot of people are and you would have a great deal of material with which to work.

butterfly woman said...

I too felt that shiver as you were talking about your dreams in the car. The trailer sitting outside our abode shivered too. I visualized painting and taking photos, documenting your adventures of meeting and interacting your spiritual beings. You've already done this already in various groups and workshops and just in your own personal one-on-one time. I am glad I got you to that poet reading that night because on some level I knew it would some gift in whatever form to you. You've put the idea out there, the first step.
LC (Loving Companion)