Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Seemingly Unrelated Thoughts that just came to me

On most days, this journal seems to write itself. I sit down with an idea (or at the most two) plant these idea seeds in the soil of the blog post and like a plant in a science fiction film, a theme grows instantly, sprouting flowers of wisdom and beauty (at least in my eyes), but today is different. Today I feel totally flat, almost devoid of inspiration. So I thought I would write down some thoughts as they come to me.

one - The last lesson I got (that I remember) from my invisible helpers was that healing comes from bringing back parts of the self into 'Loving Balance' a place in which the self is inherently neutral. This neutrality is loving because it regards all creation and souls as equal parts of the Great Mystery that is God in this universe. We are more than brothers and sisters, we are parts of the Ultimate Soul, (the mystery to our eyes is how we fit together - I mean Republicans and Democrats equals ha!) Lately, I have been understanding the previous paragraph which makes me wonder where did that come from ?
And that brings me to point two -
If you chant a mantra thinking it means one thing when in reality it means another, what happens ? Does your intent affect the outcome ? I don't know the answer to that one but I do know that I don't chant mantras - I just say them either silently to myself or in a whisper. One mantra, I had said for over a month dealt with finding a guru (a teacher) [or so I thought]. I found out last night that it really is an invocation to become a guru. Since I said this mantra about a year ago and have not found a guru (in the flesh) I am presuming that my intent was not enough to change the mantra intent. Would that stop me from chanting more mantras ? No way Jose !
Unrelated Point Three - Writing a novel takes time - so I have found out, especially in the hurried frenzy of the holiday season where one HAS to be in so many places in so little time. There are parties to go to and shopping to be done . . . etc. What I have found is that I like to write and because of that I make time to write simply because it is my best option in certain moments. Do I want to watch DEAL OR NO DEAL or write ? I choose writing. Do I want to read the Sunday paper or write ? Again writing wins. I found this out simply by being truthful to myself. Am I stuck in a mindless, flat routine or am I enjoying myself or experiencing something new and challenging (like say trying to make a plot that doesn't produce sleep). Granted, there are places you must go - family gatherings come to mind but even worse than that are Office parties. I find time to write because I enjoy writing. How else could I run 4 blogs, write a novel and cook and clean. Hmm...maybe there is one of those I am neglecting.

Which brings me to point four - Does anyone know the prayer or mantra for getting angels to do the housework ?
Please let me know soon if you do ?
Love and Tao,

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Soulsearcher said...

Your mantra has worked! You have BECOME your own guru--the ultimate goal for each of us. We each own our truth--the problem can be tapping into or discovering it, and then, living out of it. Sounds to me like you are doing that. I am so glad that you are choosing to write over the many other activities that you could be doing. You are a natural and the world needs your writing voice.