Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Nothing of Silence

You might expect to find nothing in silence but if you are like me, you would be wrong.
I have attempted to meditate every night for the past week or so, only to find the  silence of the mind can be very dramatic. I guess this is the point where I could use a guru (or somebody who knows about meditating in the silence of the mind(ego)), someone who could say "that is a distraction only and don't take this stuff seriously." Actually, I have read the previous advice in books but without an actual person to verify if this is what they meant, I guess I will have to believe that what I have seen is what these book gurus meant.
Now you might be wondering what it is that I have seen and I will tell you in one word - indescribable. But I will try to capture what happens:

I get my body to relax. I say my mantra 108 times plus one (this represents the 108 energy gates in the human body, the plus one for the total sum of the body)(energy gates are called chakras).
I get my mind to stop talking and then:
things happen - such as people walk into my minds eye, say hello, looking good or some such thing and walk out. Sometimes I don't know these people, sometimes I do.
I might find myself in a strange location, a desert or a forest.
I might 'see' energy flowing all around the room including into me.
I might hear an intense buzzing in my ears or feel a big pressure on the top of my head.

All of these things have one thing in common - if I pursue them, and most times it is hard not to, I will fall out of the silence but not right away. For instance, if I find myself in a forest, I might be able to walk a step or two and maybe touch a tree, then POP - I am back in my body, lying on the bed. And I realize I have to start over relaxing myself again.
But the end result is something I have been seeking and that is to write without blocks showing up to stop me. And that is why I am able to write this piece everyday and write my novel before Xmas. Tao, Frank


Soulsearcher said...

If you are able to write every day, and feel confident that you will have your novel completed by Christmas (of which I want a signed copy, of course) then I am convinced that I need to resume my practice of meditation. Maybe that will clear my mind and let in creative thoughts... I'll try it and let you know.

butterfly woman said...

I get headaches (angels tapping into my brain?) and feel the second-hand buzz you are experiencing every night. Even if its only half as powerful as what you go through, it is amazing. I cannot put a name on it. Whatever it takes to write your novel, I think you are allowing and letting go of resistance. I could see you writing a second novel related to this spiritual site as well. Are you up to another challenge!!!! Maybe by Christmas 2009?