Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Be careful what you wish for. . .

The routine was the same as last night - 3 mantras and the intent to learn what to do next, relax and let the universe, my higher self , guides and teachers answer back. Nice and gently.
Three hours later, and I am still getting the answers, almost word for word, each scene in the mini-story is laid out in front of me visually and the words of what the characters are saying are going through my mind, the words of how to set the scene are there too and there seems to be no end in sight for the plot. And that was only with Woman in the haunted house story. I also now know where to take the Suzy Sloan story (girl naked in the snow). That's right her name is now Sloan and she did not have any kids and they are not dead or drowned in the lagoon behind Kmart.

After three hours of Celestial dictation, I am thinking something like this - It is three AM and I am wide awake - was it that coffee I drank at Caribou ? No, I think it is this story dictation, AM I ever going to get to sleep and what will happen when the morning comes ? Will I see the morning or will I wake at one PM ?
I get up and go to the bathroom. I check my wife to see if I have woken her up but no she is sleeping soundly. I think: ' I can do that . I want to do that (sleep)' So I close my eyes and relax and . . .
See the two people who are driving out west stop at an all night cafe, and talk about their ideas for their stories. The guy is eating pancakes, the girl is having a cheeseburger with lettuce but no onions. Both are having coffee, the girl is adding milk and sugar to hers. . . .
This continues for another hour - I know this because at that point I got up and looked at the clock in the kitchen (4:15 AM it says). I go to bed and ask the guides, angels, master teachers, higher self, anybody and everybody - please help me turn this celestial channel off.
The scenes stop and yet they don't - they are all still in front of my eyes on separate screens (or windows) It is as if I have stepped back a step - there is some distance between me and them now but for some reason I look deeply at a screen and . . .
I am back in the haunted mansion story which has moved to main street and into a car.
Wait, I say, I don't want to do this anymore - I just want to go to sleep.
"Then stop looking at the screens" a gentle masculine voice says in my head, "Everytime you look into the screen you will go there. To pull yourself out of the screen, just WILL yourself out of the screen."
What he says seems to make sense to me for some reason. I try to will myself out of this scene, but a part of me wants to see what happens next - "This is a good part " it protests.
I however decide this is enough for tonight and like magic I am out of the scene back in the place where all the screens are. I then realize why these screens are so alluring to me - it is like Television from Heaven - everything I want from a TV show is right in front of me - totally interactive, controlled by some part of me, if I want to freeze frame, the action stops. If I want to change the dialogue - the character says the words I am thinking - it is the visual, sensual realm of my mind and I can make it do anything and yet these stories seem to also be independant of me. Totally addictive.
But somehow I muster the will power to say NO MORE TONIGHT
And then I am asleep (I assume because the next thing I know there is light outside) It is morning, 8AM and strangely enough I feel totally refreshed and ready to write what I have seen last night. I do not understand this but I accept it.
I will post the story of the haunted house later today (if I finish it).
Have a joyous day,


Soulsearcher said...

You have a joyous day, too. It sounds like you are truly inspired and I can't wait to read what you have written.

I started my novel(la) [still undecided--I guess I'll just see how I do] this morning. Alas! It is only 500 words so far, but I am at work and my break is over. I hope to get back to it later on.

If you read it, remember: You didn't say it had to be good!

Soulsearcher said...

P.S. I like the name "Sloan." Perfect. Thank you for changing it. I don't want to be freaked out while reading your book unless it's a part of your plot!