Friday, November 21, 2008

Connectiions, Connectivity or Just Plain Reaching Out

Today's sermonette features a simple little lesson called "I didn't know that, but I do now." Or it could be called how I decided to stop suffering and listen and ask for help.
One of my lessons to be learned in this lifetime is to listen to people and learn and be connected with people and share And I know I said this was one lesson and HERE NOW in this space I will admit I was wrong but the lesson I started out to write about was Spiritual Significance and the dangers thereof.
I apologize for rambling but that is how mind is working this morning. The last few days I have been mentioning a mantra I was meditating with (OM Namah . . .) and my friend and novel writing buddy Diane said "I googled that mantra and I found out what it means." and I thought at the time "Wow, I did not know that Mantras would be on the internet". So last night I googled "healing mantras" not because I wanted to see for myself but because I was feverish and I wanted to see if there were some magic words that might help because my usual measures of Vitamin C, ginseng, zinc and herbal tea were not working fast enough. My wife offered me some candy and I asked what that would do and she said "Doctors give sugar pills all the time and call them placebos. And if the people believe these pills are going to work most times they do work."
And it might have worked except she told me up front that they were candy.
But the idea of a placebo is what turned me toward the internet - I was trying to type in my novel but I could not focus enough on it so I played with google and the pages that came up. Turns out that the pages that came up all either were by or cited the same guy who I have read books about mantras by (Thomas Ashley-Farrand). These pages explained mantras, showed them and gave the gist of what they might do. At that point, I discovered another mantra which might be better for removing obstacles.
But also at that point I had had enough with trying to write and decided to go to bed. (and also it was bedtime).
In bed I discovered that I was still feeling icky, so I decided to not do anything - no mantras, no breathing consciously, no nothing. But I could not fall asleep, so I decided to meditate without mantras and when that did not work I decided to try an old standby technique - ask the angels for help. I did and they did and I fell alseep and my fever is gone and I feel much better.
But before they did help, they said a couple of things in my mind - 1) What took you so long to ask us ? and 2) Don't forget to ask us help any and evertime.
So today, I will be humble and admit that I can't do it all amd I will ask them to write my Xmas novel.
OM OM Om . . .
They said No.
So I guess I am back to writing myself but I am open to any novel writing mantras, you might find.
Tao everybody,


Soulsearcher said...

I've never heard of writing mantras but let me try googling it. LOL! I'm sure you could come up with one of your own. And the angels are still there any time you ask. So, they won't do your writing but they still might give you support (and peace.)

butterfly woman said...

I've seen how the angels work miracles on you and me, once I welcomed them into my life. But I believe that anything extra we can allow into our souls to help us be more spiritual beings on this planet, we should go for. The internet is such a wonderous thing, to allow us to learn more about spirit, to share here on this blog our knowledge and connections. I love this site, Frank, it seems to be so connected to your heart! Reading it puts me in a good spiritual place!

Soulsearcher said...
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Soulsearcher said...

sorry--that was my comment deleted previously. A mistake. What it said was that I actually took the time to google "writing mantras" which came up with several links about how to write mantras--made sense. Then I googled "mantras for authors" which displayed several links to authors of mantras.... I went back to writing mantras and there was a link to a site which talked about how to write your own personal mantra. I posted the link on my Facebook, but if you're not my facebook friend, you won't be able to see it. I don't know if it's worth emailing to have a creative and innovative mind, Frank. I know you can come up with something.