Friday, November 28, 2008

Little Things - Important things

I am still grateful for my journey on this earth even one day after thanking Day. I still am happy to be writing my so-called novel and part of my thankfulness comes from this fact. I am happy just writing and letting the words come out of me.
There is a part of me, though, that is curious - it wants to know how I got here - it wants a road map, directions just in case it tells me I might get off the writing track again. A sort of How To Do It Again manual. I thought that might not be a half-bad idea, so I began to back track through the events of the past few days and I came up with a curious conclusion which I'll share - I don't really know for sure how I became able to write all of a sudden.

The trail I followed leads like this:
I chanted mantras for three days about removing obstacles Before that,
I chanted a mantra called Om Namah Sivaya for a week or so. Before that,
I was curious what the mantra the author of EAT, PRAY, LOVE chanted in her book and if it would 'do something' to or for me. Before that,
I listened to this book on CDs (unabridged) and was blown away at how wonderfully the author described her experiences. I later picked up the book form of this story, you know the one you can read. The reason being, I want to see what the mantra she was saying looked like. Before that,
I was wandering through the library, searching. like I have many times before for the one book or books that will unlock the door to my writing stuckness. I went to as I have many times before the 700 to 850 section in the dewey decimal system. In that section, the is writing books, poetry books, and illustrated or graphic novels. I did pick a couple of books from that section, but as I was leaving that section I walked past the Books on Tape section which was located adjacent to the 700-800 section. I did what I normally do which is pay no attention to it. However, for some strange unexplainable reason, I saw EAT,PRAY,LOVE sitting there on the shelf and for some unexpalinable reason, I picked it up and put it on my stack of books - I can listen to this on the way to class - I thought not thinking that I once attempted to read this book before and could not get past chnapter two because I was too bored by it. Before that

The local library decided in order to make itself more appealing to the masses, to do away with the dewey decimal system. To accomplish this feat, the staff began moving books all around. Gardening and art books were moved next to Science Fiction Novels, Computer books were moved twice and are now across from Biographies. AND the 700-800 books were moved to the siberia between Books on Tape & Videos (DVDs).
At the time of these movements, I thought the library staff had gone insane.

But as it turns out, this crazy shuffling of books played a role in my journey, in my getting my blocks moved or removed SO
it just goes to show you that you never know which little thing or event is going to have an impact on your life until it does.
Love and Tao,

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Soulsearcher said...

It is good to reflect upon your journey of the last few days--the one that "unstuck" you. Remember, it may have been what you needed at this moment, but you may need something completely different the next time. My experience of the spiritual life is that it is not linear, but a spiral. So, sometimes "being stuck" happens again, but it is the thing we need. Keep reflecting; the truth lies within you!