Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I think it worked. Thank You God

Having spent most of the day writing, I retired to bed last night and promptly decided NOT to do mantras. (maybe I'll do some this morning). My thinking process (such that it is) went like this -
1) Said mantras previous night
2) nearly stayed awake all night on previous night
3) Don't want to repeat Step 2

Therefore I associated the mantras with staying up all night. And Thus I made my decision.
Then I saw some good stuff (energy and angels and light on the top of my wife's head) and then I fell asleep for all the night and now I am awake feeling way more tired than I did at anytime yesterday. So what conclusion can I make, none - it is all part of the Great Mystery , that is what I call this life, the universe, my wife's logic, my logic, and lots of other stuff which all make up something I call God's Plan which is a Great Mystery (at least to me).

Something I did do yesterday that I had not done before was - writing with no blocks. I was able to write over 2500 words with no second thoughts, no crazymaking, no nothing. Granted I did most of the writing when being bored by filler on Dancing With the Stars (I still don't know who won but will check CNN after this post) (the things I give up for the sake of writing) [the definition of Filler : what they put on the show to fill it up - the real show choosing the winner , and dance competition takes maybe five to ten minutes]
So I want to thank God, the universe, master teachers, guides, angels, and whoever else helped remove those obstacles I had to writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have to get back writing to finish chapter three.
Wishing you Love and Thankfulness,

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Soulsearcher said...

Well, I did not get back to my story yesterday, except for in my head, that is. And, I too got bored with the Dancing with the Stars filler, but forced myself to watch until the winner was announced. Yes, as expected, Brooke pulled it off! No real surprise, that.
Anyway, thanks are due to you for your constant encouragement and support. Have a blessed and happy thanksgiving--filled with love and all good things!