Sunday, November 23, 2008

It gets WORSE before it gets BETTER

I don't know how many times I have heard that phrase but I do know I have never liked hearing it. And Yet I say that to a large percentage of the people who i give energy healing to. Why? Because I do not want them to give up on the healing process even if they do not feel instantaneous results (which is the case sometimes). Many people do not feel results right away because they have blocks in place (resistance) to being healed. I am no exception to this.
I have been feeling under the weather (sick) since Wednesday. I thought I was getting better but yesterday I seemed to have had a relapse. Perhaps, I have blocks to my feeling better or attitudes that keep me from getting better. I prefer to think of my current situation as necessary for shedding more of the ego.
Huh, what does that mean you might be asking ? Well, according to my logic, when I get sick, I tend to sleep a lot. And when I sleep a lot, I don't do much of anything else and when I don't do anything - I allow changes inside my core being to happen. So my theory is that I got sick in order to stop myself from being in the world and this(not being affected by the world) allowed me time to change (rewire my innards).
Although I am feeling better now, I am still waiting to see it I need more time to do nothing - and that is why it took me all day to write this.
Internal rewiring is what happens when one takes in some new knowledge or wisdom that runs contrary to previously held beliefs. For example - learning that the world is round might take some rewiring.
And so you might ask what is the great piece of knowledge or wisdom that is causing me to be rewired (and needing rest) ? Unfortunately, I don't quite know right now - my best guess is that I am learning about connectedness and how we all are pieces of the Great Mystery of God - that we all need each other and we all benefit from each others progress. I have seen that in the writing class I teach - when someone makes a new step whether that step being able to write and share or being able to get past the blocks of the past - I feel better. Not because I am teaching them this but because they are showing me how to grow by their example. I am always encouraged by this.
So I truly hope that you all (esp. you Diane) can write a novel by Xmas. If you do, you will be making me feel better and you will be showing all (especially yourself) that it can be done.
That would be my Xmas wish - give me a copy of your novel.


Soulsearcher said...

All I can promise is that I will try.

butterfly woman said...

And I will sit on the sidelines cheering you both on. I enjoy what you said about the writing class helping you grow. I've been witness to that. Words are spewing out of that laptop and onto paper faster than I've ever seen. I understand now why teachers (or guides, as someone corrected me once) enjoy their profession. Like counseling, we learn and grow from each other. Perhaps you'll read some of the writings regarding how the class has benefited you in future class. I think they'd appreciate it!!!!!
Your writing student Bev