Monday, November 24, 2008

the TAO of Balance

I chanted a new mantra last night, actually two new mantras

HAM Sa (pronounced haum sah) it means I am that is. It could be a derivation of Popeye's mantra "I am what I am" but I think it might be the other way around - Popeye's came from this.

OM GUM GANAPATAYEI Nahmaha (PRONOUNCED OHM Goom Gah Nah Pah Tay Ay NAH MAH HAH) It is an invocation to Ganesha (the one who looks like an elephant with multiple arms). He (or she) is the remover of obstacles and so chanting this mantra asks for blocks (this might be a good one for us writers) to be removed or reduced in size so that we mortals can handle them.

Taken together, I intended these two mantras to say - hey, help me get back to who I am (without the baggage I have placed upon myself). Oh I also chanted the other mantra
OM Namah Shivaya, so taken together all three say:
I really want to shed the blocks that keep me from writing
(and I really want to be plain and simple me)
Please help.

The answer I got from this exercise was strange but neat (or cool or rad or phat).
Someone was talking to me in my dream explaining to me about healing. "Healing," the voice said, "is all about bringing the energy that is stuck back into balance. Energy becomes stuck when we fixate on certain emotions and experiences,( for example we worry a lot about something, perhaps not being able to pay bills or how the children are doing or whatever - and this causes us to gunk up our normally free flowing energy and eventually we worry so much that our energy gets really stuck and becomes hard (and virtually lifeless) and when that happens we get sick with big time illnesses such as ulcers and shingles. But don't worry about worrying too much because the voice explained to me how to fix it. (energy out of balance that is) .
The voice said "Balance is the natural state of the human being. All emotion contains its shadow inside of it.For example: All love has a bit of hate in it, all hate has a bit of love in it. You hate someone because you care enough (love) to want them to change. You love someone but you hate some of the things they do. Balance comes from allowing emotions to happen and then letting them go which can be done by activating their opposite emotion. It is easier to let go of the bond with a former love by thinking of all the bad stuff they did. When the letting go takes place, one should bring both emotions back to dormancy and thus balance is achieved."
The voice showed me a vision of the Tao (Yin and Yang symbol) the opposite is within the realm of each element. This visual aide made the presentation easier for me. (see figure above)

I started to wake up at that point and I was going to wake up my wife and tell her all this neat stuff, when the guide or angel or master said not so fast sonny. You have to bring yourself into balance by letting go of stuff you have hated (or strongly disliked) and I don't mean creamed spinach, I mean people or experiences.
Before I could ask what people or experiences, a parade of images marched in front of my eyes. Siblings, a really bad teacher I had, dogmatic righteous zealots etc . . . a seemingly endless parade. Surprisingly I was able to process them fast simply by recognizing that while I hated them, I also had cared about them too. By focusing in on loving them and their faults, I was able to bring my emotions back into balance, and as I did so I felt my energy getting lighter and freer so that each new person in the parade was easier to balance than the last one. I don't think I got them all since I don't remember being finished, I only remember waking up about an hour ago.

But since this dream (if real) did help me process some of my blocks, (as I have no trouble writing this other than spelling wise) I will thank the guides and angels and masters who listened to my prayer and mantra chants and helped me help myself. Much love to you.
Much love to all of you who read this blog and then say nice things - I appreciate that.
Love and Tao,


Soulsearcher said...

You seem to be growing very wise.

butterfly woman said...

I've been trying HamSa Mantra lately.Sa not Si, TaoMaster, where Sa is like (Ahhhh). Easy to remember. Glad you didn't wake me up though I was probably feeling your energy and was awake on subconscious level anyway.
I continue to really like your spiritual writings here. I know this is more your authentic you and feel it's really flowing from you.I was glad to hear much of your wisdom but now need to share it with world.
P.S. I like how you took all three mantras and fit them in to your personal self. Very clever.

butterfly woman said...

Okay Sly Tao Master, you listened and changed it to my correction, I know that, though new glasses are going to be in my hands this week. Maybe I was seeing things, but I love to challenge your "wiseness". Anyway, if the intent behind it works, who cares what the spelling is, right?
Keep writing, I love how this spiritual site is evolving!!!!!!
Trying to keep you honest.